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Procédure d'audit interne / Internal audit procedure

Extraits de la fiche

[...] The auditor takes notes so that observations may be accurately reported. The audit is intended to confirm the implementation of the Quality Management System and its effectiveness The auditor takes time to document the findings obtained during the internal audit Audit Report 1. The audit report is the responsibility of the auditor The audit report includes the list of nonconformities with a brief summary At the closing meeting, the auditor presents all nonconformities and observations to the auditee(s), who shall sign the audit report. [...]

[...] is effectively implemented and maintained Scope This procedure applies to all employees Responsibility Quality Manager is in charge to maintain Internal Audit schedule and notify auditors when it is time to audit Requirements Only individuals who have been trained can conduct internal audits. Each auditor should follow that procedure Termilogy None 2007 3/5 Quality Management System Internal Audit Procedure 2 Activity description 2.1 Planning 1. Internal Audits are scheduled during Management Reviews For each audit, an internal auditor is assigned to Preparation 1. [...]

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